Bridge Cleaners Est.2009 Veteran Owned&Operated! 15 Years in Business 2009-2024
Use our PCS Services as a MOVING EXPENSE on your U.S. taxes with the Vat Form when you are PC Sing out of Germany! FREEDOM ON!  

'Cross the bridge to a cleaner world' with us today, Jon Bainbridge, Owner&Veteran at Bridge Cleaners.

American and German speaking for our customers for a stress free experience so no misunderstanding will happen with our Cleaning Company. 

15 Years in Business 2009-2024!

1st and Only professional Cleaning Business Owned&Operated by a U.S. Veteran in Germany! 

We offer you favorable prices of numerous professional cleaning services, including professional:              

   *  PCS "Military" Move Out Clean * Custom Housekeeping Cleaning 

    * Professional housekeeper Cleaning *Monthly Cleaning *Bi-Weekly Cleaning * Weekly Cleaning  
    * Professional Residential Cleaning *Spring Cleaning *Move In Clean

    * Professional On Base Cleaning * Dorm Room cleaning* Deep Clean       
    * Professional
Window Cleaning  * House Sitting when your TDY,Leave,etc.           
    * Professional Hedge trimming
    * Professional Dog & Cat Sitting 'VIP' service!                                   
    * Professional Yard Work/leaf removal&more!      
    * Professional
Trash removal/unwanted items
    * Professional Transport 'Ikea, small items,Etc.'
    * Professional High pressure hose Cleaning '
VIP' $$$ service!      
  *  Your "Help Source" for understanding life in Germany when Stationed here.      

    * Büroreinigung * Gebäudereinigung  *

    * PCS customers can use their Vat Forms as a moving expense with their U.S. taxes! What a fantastic service from Bridge Cleaners!! Just another reason to use our professional service!! 


                                                                                 Freedom on!!