Bridge Cleaners Est.2009 Veteran Owned&Operated! 15 Years in Business 2009-2024
Use our PCS Services as a MOVING EXPENSE on your U.S. taxes with the Vat Form when you are PC Sing out of Germany! FREEDOM ON!  

Opportunity to Protect yourself, family and friends by not supporting an illegal worker/criminals!

Avoid the scammers at all cost and here is some information! 

The professionals at Bridge Cleaners would like to pass some information to all. It is illegal to employ any and all types of works in exchange for funds for any reason if the person(s) is or are not a real business. If an illegal worker hurts themselves while performing services for you they have the right to sue you in Germany. The Court in Germany will find you guilty for the employment of an illegal worker. You will be ordered to pay all medical bills and or unemployment for the rest of their life. German Goverment is built on a Social System and if an illegal worker becomes handicap in anyway while providing you illegal services the Medical insurance System will not pay for their Medical Care, you will. Also, it's truly a security risk having illegals in your home for they can very easy make a profile on you, family and friends. Where and what you do as a job, the times that you come and go and how many members live in your home with or without pets is a huge security risk for the Mission for those in the Military. They can break or steal your personal items with no consequences/accountability. They can very easy poison your food to hurt you and the Mission as well, 100% access to your home. This is a real threat that needs to be taken with the upmost action. So, the next time you go on "Bookoo" or "Ramstein yard sale" looking for an illegal worker who doesn't pay in this Social System in the form of fees and taxes or a friend or colleague said " I have this "person" that comes and cleans for me for a "cheep" price, then just remember what you have read here and that ignorance doesn't protect you from the law! Bridge Cleaners Est.2009 will never compete with illegal workers and has a ZERO TORRANCE for illegal workers/scams! We will report any and all types of illegal workers regardless of Nationality to the local Police. Do the correct thing and contact the professionals at Bridge Cleaners Est.2009 Veteran Owned and Operated today to get your home cleaned.