Bridge Cleaners Est.2009 Veteran Owned&Operated! 15 Years in Business 2009-2024
Use our PCS Services as a MOVING EXPENSE on your U.S. taxes with the Vat Form when you are PC Sing out of Germany! FREEDOM ON!  

Our company is the First and Only professional cleaning business Owned&Operated by a U.S. Veteran in Germany/greater Kaiserslautern area. Bridge Cleaners has been supporting the U.S. Military overseas in the greater Kaiserslautern area for over 14 years with outstanding results supporting customers in a way that customers can reach goals faster, happier with more success and less work! We have served so many customers over the last 13.5 years that needed many different types of cleaning and here are just a few,  window cleaning services, housekeeping, residential cleaning, move in clean and much more in the Sembach, Landstuhl and greater Kaiserslautern area and those that have PCS to another place in the world for the fight for freedom. Our company does not offer commercial cleaning and that's important to know for we only wish to service the private sector. Our services are a once in a life time opportunity for everyone to use. We speak American and German and are ready to help with the day in and out questions that you have while living in Germany. Opportunity to succeed in your job or private live isn't by chance and so are our services. We will be judged by our merit, integrity and character and not on our fake competition. We earn our title as the 'Best Cleaning business' in the Greater Kaiserslautern area everyday! Use the opportunity not to use a scammer but support the only legal Veteran professional cleaning business in the KMC today. This alone is a huge opportunity not to pass up on from us. We are truly the experts when it comes to your cleaning wishes. Why waste your time on platforms online that are not real or professional businesses and don't abide by the German business laws?! Use our services and protect you and your family from scams, profiling, robbery, unaccountable persons, damaged goods, and uninsured workers that will cost you in the end big time stress and money! Our cleaning company has respect for our all customers but will not tolerate illegal scams or workers from anyone for any reason. We have a 'zero tolerance' policy and will report all and any type of scams to the local Police. Completing the job right the first time is not a wish, it is our way of life! 

To all my Brothers and Sisters that served we salute you, Freedom on and IGY6!                                                 

                         15 YEARS BRIDGE CLEANERS 2009-2024!