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We are officially authorized and OPEN for BUSINESS! Use our PCS Services as a MOVING EXPENSE on your U.S. taxes with the Vat Form when you are PCSing out of Germany! FREEDOM ON!

Quote is given for customer. Requested only by customer. Customer hereby state that they will not copy, record audio and or video anyone or thing with this quote from Bridge Cleaners. Customer will not pass any information on to third parties for profit and or gain in verbal and or in print and or audio or video. Customer will not use any of this information from Bridge Cleaners for future profit and or gain. Bridge Cleaners will grant customer the right to pass a “positive word” and business card to friends and family. Customer agree that this is of his/her own free will. Customer has agreed that all information given to Bridge Cleaners is true and correct and not from a third party. By breaking any of the above agreements customer will be prosecuted in full by law for industry spying and fraud. 

We are officially authorized by the German Government for the fight against COVID-19. On 19 March 2020 the State of German gave us the green light stay OPEN for BUSINESS as usual under the COVID-19 crisis. No better time as now to have your home cleaned by Bridge Cleaners. We understand and have all the battle gear to protect us while working against bacteria and viruses mask, gloves, disinfection, shoes covers and the "know how" on how to professionally clean homes. No better time as now to get your home cleaned by us than now under the COVID-19 times. Getting your home bacteria and viruses free to include COVID-19 should be top on your list. If you are PCSing in the near future we can still come give you a quote put you on the books saving you time and stress when you PCS. 
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